King Corn

For those not familiar with this film, here's a quick synopsis: In this 2007 documentary (DVD released 2008), college friends Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis leave their homes on the East Coast to start farming one acre of corn in Iowa. In the process, they learn farming is no longer what it used to be, but an industry dictated by big corporation and government. Most corn by-products, with added processing, leave us questioning their safety in our food supply. More about this film is found at the King Corn website, as well as the Ethicurean Review of "King Corn" and the New York Times Review of "King Corn." Curt Ellis also posted to a blog at Cultinate.Com. The makers of this film supplied numerous clips to YouTube, from spoofs of the HFCS Industry's commercials, to interviews and footage relating to the movie. For a complete list all their other videos submitted to YouTube, see the King Corn on YouTube page.

King Corn Trailer 1 (From King Corn site on YouTube)

King Corn Trailer 2 (From nicolemc233 site on YouTube)

King Corn Trailer 3 (Extended Clip from PBS Independent Lens site on YouTube)

King Corn Movie In Its Entirety

There are 10 parts to this, so I'm putting them all on a separate page.

King Corn Premier Showings

King Corn Iowa Tour Journal

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#2 of 3

#3 of 3

Spoofs of HFCS Ads

Spoofs from King Corn Website. See their website at for the original commercials produced by the Corn Growers Association, of which these are a parody.

Spoof 1

Spoof 2

Interviews From Other Sources

Cooking Up A Story's video interview with Curt Ellis, of the King Corn team

Interview with Curt Ellis-part 1

Interview with Curt Ellis-part 2

Interview with Curt Ellis-part 3

PBS SXSW Interview with Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney. At the April 2009 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive & Film conference, Ellis and Cheney discuss the making of King Corn and how it has affected them.

CNN 2007 Interview with Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney. You should also read the viewers' comments from the YouTube site. Viewers complained the interviewer wasn't giving Ellis and Cheney equal time, cutting them off while they were speaking. Interviewer apparently tried giving HFCS industry equal billing, though I know in no way is that stuff "safe." While interviewer tried to have them agree with him HFCS was as "natural" as regular sugar, the spoof commercials Ellis and Cheney did in above videos show cigarettes and DDT are also "natural."

Diane Hatz (founder of Sustainable Table) Interview with Curt Ellis. Unlike CNN interviewer, she lets him talk!

CBS' Sunday Morning Show Interview with Curt Ellis. In this November 2007 interview, CBS did a great job. Without the pro-HFCS defensiveness of CNN, they actually seemed to promote the King Corn movie.

"Corn In Your Diet: Is It Making You Fat?" This 13 March 2008 ABC interview with Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis discusses this subject. As video could not be embedded to this page, it can be viewed at ABC's website.

Independent Film Trailer Contest for King Corn

PBS' Independent Lens held a contest for a King Corn trailer.

Independent Lens "Filmocracy Mashup Contest" Announcement, March 2008.

Independent Lens "Filmocracy Mashup Contest" First Place Winner, June 2008. Kylee Darcy's winning entry was used as trailer for the film showing in Japan.