Other Blogs/Sites

In my research, I've come across various interesting blogs and websites. Most of these are concerning health in general. But others can get pretty political in nature. It's no wonder, since most of the world's health problems and risks result from political and corporate greed/idiocies.

New York Times' Review of Michael Pollan's Book, "The Omnivore's Dilemma" — From New York Times website. The Cultures & Culinaria Blog has another review of this book. Michael Pollan also made an appearance in "King Corn."

French Women Don't Get Fat — based on the book by Mireille Guiliano. To get a synopsis of the book and why Mireille Guiliano wrote it, see the Wikipedia article on her book.

The Nine-Inch "Diet," Exposing the Big Conspiracy in America by Alex Bogusky with Chuck Porter (2009). I've not read this book, but have read reviews. Basically, it's nothing really new, as the theory has been around for some time that a factor to obesity in America is the larger sized portions, which has increased dramatically since the 1950s. (Another adherer to this plate size theory is Smallplatemovement.org.) According to their publisher's video on the book in 1963, plates were 9 inches in diameter. In 1988 they increased to 10 inches in diameter. In 2000, they were 11 inches. In 2009 they became 12 inches.* Besides this, the average "large" size drink became a "medium" and former "medium" became a "small" and former "small" became a "child's size." For the publisher's one-minute video on the book's premise, see Powerhouse Books' site The 9-Inch "Diet". Also, Adweek and The New York Times both have articles on this book.

*From my own experience, I see truth in this. But the years given are a little off. In 1985, I bought a complete set of dishes with accessories (such as platter, serving bowls, gravy bowl, etc.) through a grocery store promotion. The dinner plates are 10 inches, although the breakfast plates (which I use most) are 9 inches. Because these are gold-trimmed and bad for microwave, in 2004 I bought a service for 4 that were microwave safe. These plates are 11 inches in diameter. I immediately noticed the difference when I set both out on plate racks.