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You've Put It Off Far Too Long...

Or maybe you've started the diet "race" with good intentions. But, like other New Years' resolutions, the finish line was never crossed.

Whatever your situation, now's the time to start reaching your goal of a healthier lifestyle. Procrastinate no longer. Take that first step.

For those with "diet phobia"—after all, fat cat Garfield once said "diet" is "die" with a "T"—I've got news for you. You're already dieting!! Yep, that's right. Even a 5,000 calorie Greaseburger is part of a diet. An unhealthy diet, that is.

In view of today's diet fads, pills, and weight loss programs—and I won't get into discussing validity of one vs. other—I intended this site for those wanting a fairly easy alternative without that expense. Now, if you have a specific program ordered by your physician, that takes priority. But for most, who just want better eating habits but feel overwhelmed starting the journey, this site's for you.

And now the journey begins...